Vanity DNS allows you to re-brand authoritative name servers using your own domain name as the hostname. The end result is that your own domain name becomes the hostname for your nameservers which map back to the IP addresses of our name servers.


1. Create required A and AAAA records

First, you have to create A and AAAA records for the nameserver. We have 4 DNS clusters, so you need to create -

A Records - - - -


AAAA Records - 2a06:fb00:1::1:79 - 2a06:fb00:1::2:79 - 2a06:fb00:1::3:79 - 2a06:fb00:1::4:79

Screenshot of DNS settings based on the description



2. Update NS records

Once the records are created, you can adjust the NS records. Make sure that you change all to
If you have done everything right, it should look like this.



3. Update SOA settings

In the last step, you have to change the primary NS to in the SOA settings. 

4. Update nameserver settings at your registrar

Now you have to create GLUE records and change the nameserver of your domain. You must do this in the web interface of the provider with whom you have registered your domain.
If you have your domain from us, you can read here how to do it. Otherwise, we also have a few examples for other providers below.


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